Not Scientists - Destroy to Rebuild - Both Variants

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Encapsulated Records Release - 045 - Not Scientists - Destroy to Rebuild LP

Both color variants for $20!

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When Uncommonmenfrommars decided to take a break, Jim and Ed decided to start a new band or their girlfriends would make them get real jobs. They asked Le Bazile (No Guts No Glory) to play drums, and for some reason he said yes. At this point they would have been a kickass trio but Jim decided to throw a wrench in the works and play guitar. Luckily, they found a big guy who would be perfect for making sure they got paid at the end of the night, and he also happens to play bass.
They sought to boldly blaze musical trails that had already been well traveled by Toys That Kill, One Man Army, Superchunk, and a lot of other bands with way cooler names. Fucked if we know. We're Not Scientists!


1. Window 03:04
2. I'm Brain Washing You 02:58
3. Broken Pieces 03:26
4. We're Given No Options 02:59
5. Over and Out 03:51
6. Disconnect the Dot 02:28
7. Just Break Me 03:41
8. Tomorrow's Another Day 02:57
9. These Heads Have No Faces 04:43
10. Wait 02:57
11. Barricade 04:28

1st Pressing:

150 transparent electric blue vinyl

350 ultra clear with blue splatter