Everything Went Black - Mosenthein - Cassette

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Encapsulated Records Release - 030 - Everything Went Black - Mosenthein - Cassette

Mosenthein is a follow up to Everything Went Black's 2012 release, Cycles Of Light. Mosenthein was engineered by Matt Amelung (Encapsulated Studios), mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Tragedy, Nails), and features artwork pieced together by vocalist Brandon Hoffman. This is also the debut for new members Josh Van Hoorebeke & Chris Stanton who joined the band early last year.

Mosenthein is being released on a very limited run of audio cassettes through Encapsulated Records. This new EP features three new songs, and as a bonus the release will contain a digital download containing the tracks from the Rattletooth Split, Altars and Arsonists EP, and the Pathogens Demo.

This is a one time pressing! After these 200 cassettes are sold out, there will be no more!

Instant digital download includes the three new tracks PLUS the 10 tracks from the Rattletooth split, the Altars and Arsonists EP and the Pathogens demo for 13 songs total.


    1. The Chouteau 02:08
    2.  XX_ The Confluence 00:57         
    3.  Monarchs 03:54         
    4.  Card of Giants 02:38         
    5.   Alaskan Demons 03:22         
    6.   Digital Wilderness 03:08         
    7.   The Mountain of Man 03:04         
    8.   The Coming of Age 02:32         
    9.   Oleander 01:36         
    10. Tossed to the Cribs 02:44         
    11.  Material Shit Paper 02:58         
    12.  Ink Marks & Holes in the Drywall 01:33         
    13.  Fed to 1000 Wet Horses 02:44

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