Bent Left - Faberge - All Three LP Variants

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Encapsulated Records Release - 027 - Bent Left - Faberge - LP

All three Bent Left - Faberge LP variants for only $18!


1. Creationism 03:18
2. Elysium, LA 02:42
3. Professora Emeritosa 02:12
4. Happy Accidents 03:30
5. Band Aid for a Broken Arm
6. A Shy Guys Guide to Genocide 02:52
7. Alter Boys and Witches 02:52
8. What's Not to Love 02:55
9. It Get's Better With Age 02:36
10. Orphans of Leaders 01:37
11. Byzantine Horlogerie 04:52
12. Transpecies Dysphoria Appreciation 02:55

1st Pressing:

100 on Gold / White inside out vinyl
150 on Gold / White inside out w/ black splatter
250 on Black/Gold/White tri-color vinyl

Comes in a gatefold jacket with and instant digital download code.

FFO: Elway, Lawrence Arms, Anti-Flag

Punk News Review -

If you like political punk, but not too overdone, then Bent Left's Faberge is the record for you. These new songs aren't that embroiled into the tumultuous political and social ideologies of the rebellious and belligerent ensemble, but when they convey their political exclamations, you get the point instantly. I liked that it wasn't bogged down in the political marsh as much as Skeletons in your Closet as it offered a great insight into another awesome punk band.

"Creationism" summarizes their flair, enthusiasm and distinguished affinity for raw-energy revolting. They do it so intellectually too. Will Mallot's basslines shine here and carry out throughout the record with great authority. The vocal delivery's consistently good and amid the touchy political content, there's a welcomed luster to the record. "Profesora Emeritosa" exemplifies the pulsating and vibrant nature of their music. I loved this song; it was short, but really fucking sweet. Dan Meyers' vocals show a great grasp on the music and the content without coming off as pretentious as I thought he would have. He fires his missives and salvos with no restraint but he knows how to lead his band into making their beliefs and qualms kick ass.

Their knack to cut back the ferocity and switch to amazing three-chord, melodic punk impressed on me even more. It's great to see music so intriguing without complexity as with "Alter Boys and Witches," which really used the vocal ensemble amazingly. The first half of the record was pretty good but it gets more solid as the second half builds exponentially by the track to greater things. It switches from blistering to chill to shredding and it's a fucking rollercoaster how they switch the sounds up while keeping a fresh vibe .

"It Gets Better With Age" and "What's Not to Love" are resounding. I love how the tracks keep that tight flow to them. "Orphans of Leaders" reinforces the political gleam on the record and I guess they were right when they said they combined "seasoned musicianship with a passionate auditory assault." Bent Left has a terrific aura to their music, it's diverse and hard-hitting. Even if you don't like political punk tirades, one thing's for sure, it's still an impressive punk album.