Acrid / Left For Dead - Hacked to Pieces - 12"

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Acrid / Left For Dead - Hacked to Pieces - 12" on No Idea Records.


5th pressing, buzzsaw shaped, opaque purple vinyl, limited to 322 copies and is out of print. 

Record is very lightly played, and in near mint condition.  Foldover jacket has a couple of minor corner dings and is in Excellent condition.


Left for Dead - Pliant    
Left for Dead - Who D'you Know    
Left for Dead - Skin Graft    
Left for Dead - Second Guess    
Left for Dead - Nothing There    
Left for Dead - Kept In Line    
Left for Dead - Dirt    
Left for Dead - Didn't I?    
Left for Dead - LFD    

Acrid - Fear And Trembling    
Acrid - Mindspasms    
Acrid - Mangled With Sores    
Acrid - Mallslug (A/K/A Suburban Experience)