Bleach Everything / VORS - 7

Bleach Everything / VORS - 7"

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Richmond, Virginia’s BLEACH EVERYTHING and Los Angeles, California’s VORS have paired together to release a split 7″ single marking both entities’ debut on vinyl format. BLEACH EVERYTHING kick off the festivities with “The Moaner,” a demented little number about a violent man that lives in your attic undetected. Musically, the pace is as frantic and urgent as the final sands in the proverbial hourglass. Drums are crushed, buzzsaw guitars cut deeply across the speakers, and overdriven bass pushes along the possessed and just flat out eerie vocals in a pre-meditated murderous game of musical chairs. Featuring current members of IRON REAGAN, SUPPRESSION, and former members of JESUIT and CORN ON MACABRE, you know full-well it’s going to be a completely twisted take on music as most people conventionally know it. Like all great bi-polar incidents and episodes, VORS complements the violent carnage of BLEACH EVERYTHING via a deliberate, dead-behind-the-eyes ditty appropriately titled “Mood Swinger.” Synth-heavy and glacially paced, the track sounds like it was written from the fire escape outside of the kitchen window you’re obliviously walking around behind (towel optional). Drenched in the gritty low-budget outsider sleaze that defined many of the great VHS hits of the 70′s and 80′s, this could have easily been the soundtrack to “Maniac,” “Deranged,” “Possessed” and the like. It’s cold, it’s rainy, and it’s highly likely that VORS (aka J Bennett from IDES OF GEMINI) is talking and laughing to himself while cutting the phone lines in your neighborhood. The whole bloody affair is packaged in a disturbingly meticulous and obsessive wrap from the hands and the mind of former set-dresser STK MTN. This is the kind of record the brown paper bag was invented for.