Ashes and Iron - The Wind Takes A Side - LP

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Encapsulated Records Release - 038 Ashes and Iron - The Wind Takes A Side - LP

"THE WIND TAKES A SIDE, the second release from St. Louis' downtempo-instrumental-indie-metal outfit ASHES AND IRON is a dark, cathartic ride. A dystopian soundtrack where sweeping, visually evocative tracks move from crisp, telecaster driven layers of harmonized gloom to the wide open roar of unforgiving despair, all songs laced with mournful melody.

Midwestern delivery dominates here: a muscular, propulsive rhythm section and angular, cascading waves of guitar fill an expansive canvas.

Ashes and Iron take no shortcuts and THE WIND TAKES A SIDE drones, slashes and burns proving again the beauty to be found in perfect desolation." - Andrew Elstner (Torche)


    1.    Superstition Drags Us Down 10:20
    2.    Not All Dying Words Are True 08:31         
    3.    Invisible Wires 02:46         
    4.    The Wind Takes a Side 09:58

The is a split label release with Encapsulated / Good Die Young Records.

1st Pressing:
300 on solid grey vinyl, screen printed jacket.

Manufactured at Pirates Press.