Bullet Treatment - Vol. 1 - 7"

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Bullet Treatment - Vol. 1 - 7" on Fat Wreck.


Yellow vinyl, very lightly played, if ever played, and is in near mint condition.  Jacket is in near mint condition as well.

The brainchild of musician/guitarist Chuck Dietrich, Bullet Treatment is an unconventional hardcore act that functions as a revolving door of punk rock stalwarts and stars. Each release features different musicians from a wide range of bands coming together to write, record and occasionally perform powerful, driving, classically inspired punk rock.


    1.    Cold War 3 (Chris #2/Anti-Flag) 01:42     
    2.    Riding Around On The Bus (Johnny/Swingin’ Utters) 01:41         
    3.    Win The Day (Russ/Only Crime) 01:43         
    4.    The Wreckage (Tim/Rise Against) 01:42         
    5.    Forgotten Ordinance (Thomas/Strike Anywhere) 01:44         
    6.    In Box We Trust (Sturg/Star Fucking Hipsters) 01:43