COVE Pre-orders up now!

European Tourcation

Hey Euro Friends! I’m going to be slinging merch for The Shell Corporation for the rest of the month.  If you can make it out to a show, make sure to stop by and say hello!  

Better Days does Decendents and Dag Nasty

Filmage is playing in St. Louis this weekend and Better Days is playing the after show on Saturday Night and will be doing a bunch of Decendents covers. AND… They were also in the studio in November and recorded a bunch of new tracks including this Dag Nasty cover. Check it out!  

Galactic Cannibal – We’re Fucked Pre-orders up!

Featuring Direct Hit! frontman Nick Woods on bass and his brother, noted Milwaukee noise artist Peter J Woods, on vocals, Galactic Cannibal cranks out nine bombastic cuts of hardcore punk that’s equal parts adrenaline, melody and sneering attitude. Self-described as “Misfits meets Man Is The Bastard” – but also bringing to mind groups such as Dillinger Four and even Andrew WK – the quintet fires on all cylinders for the duration of its debut, pulling back only enough to let  more…

Tons of Updates to Our Spotify Playlist

Just did a huge update to our Spotify playlist. We added Bent Left – The I Hate Punk Rock Years, and a giant compilation with 46 tracks featuring a ton of our splits, 7″s and singles. You can stream everything from or just do a search inside Spotify for Encapsulated Records!